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"Mom always told me to watch out for wolves…”

Crimson has been warned about wolves her entire life, never getting a moment’s peace from her mother’s superstitious warning. Every day, she walks the same path, doing her chores, and only allowed out when she’s running her errands. For as long as she could remember, the only parts of the forest she’d ever seen were the worn path to her grandmother’s house, the sawdust-lined walkway to the lumber mill, and the inside of her cottage home. Crimson just wanted to explore the forest and find out more about what was beyond it.

Luckily for her, her nineteenth birthday was only a week away.

On her birthday, Grandma was going to answer all of her questions and tell her why her mother was so superstitious of wolves. On her birthday, she could explore the forest as much as she pleased without anyone to tell her she couldn’t. It was only five days away. Crimson could stay out of trouble for five days, right?

However, odd things begin happening before the big day arrives. Strange women pop out of the trees, the lumberjacks start keeping their distance, and the forest feels like an entirely new place, calling to her. Crimson is all too ready to experience the new and exciting night life awaiting her, throwing herself into her new friends and their quirks and interests. But something is lurking in the depths of the dark forest.

Something… that howls


The Wolf’s Lounge is a fantasy visual novel that takes its own spin on the classic Little Red Riding Hood tale. It’s a heartwarming tale about a girl searching for answers to the mysteries of her life and discovering that there is more to life than the four walls of her bedroom and the same worn and beaten path she’s walked her whole life. Just be sure not to get the 'Bad' Ending lurking just around the corner!

Demo Rating: 13+ 
Full Game Rating: 18+

~Demo Features~

Crimson sprites (rough design)

Scarlet sprites (rough design)

One full playable day and night

~Full Game Features~

All Original sprites

An Entire Week of playable days and nights

Four romantic routes

Multiple endings

An option to decline any sexual encounter at any time

Full Image Gallery, including unlockable CGs and special bonus artwork


-Thanks for playing!

- Team Darknesse



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The Wolf's Lounge (Demo) - Linux 110 MB

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